Parliamentary motion on the issue of exploitation of British Hajj/Umrah Pilgrims welcomed by Muslim community

ABH November 6, 2012 0

Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK, a National Hajj specific charity working for the welfare and wellbeing of British Hajj/Umrah Pilgrims welcomes the initiative taken by Bradford East Member of Parliament George Galloway on the issue of worsening situation of the exploitation of British Hajj/Umrah Pilgrims.

This issue which is affecting a population of over 2 million British Muslims includes disabled, sick, and elderly. The community is angry, frustrated, and feel let down about the lack of help and support from the relevant authorities. They are being deprived of their human rights and have been left on the mercy of ruthless, unscrupulous, and rouge tour and travel operators; those who have no regard or respect for the law of the land.

This year, only from Bradford area over 400 people were subject to mental anguish, hardship, and difficulties. In his early day motion submitted in the Parliament to debate on this issue, Bradford MP George Galloway has asked the Parliament to denounce the exploitation of British Hajj travellers by unscrupulous travel agents. In this motion, he also mentioned that majority of the tour operators do not provide written agreements about the travel package and mislead on price in violation of the UK laws to the 125,000 Pilgrims who travel to Saudi Arabia every year

He calls on the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills to ensure that enforcing legal requirements on travel agents is a priority for trading standards departments throughout the country.

Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK strongly urges all the MPs to support this motion in the Parliament to help and protect the vulnerable and innocent fellow citizens from pain, misery, mental anguish, trauma, exploitation and to ensure to safeguard their basic human rights by implementing the rule of law.


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