Sajjad Karim MEP expresses his concern over human rights violation and plight of Pilgrims

ABH November 14, 2012 0

Every year, over 125,000 British citizens’ travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj/Umrah Pilgrimage and a vast majority of these travellers including elderly, sick, and disabled experience extreme hardship, trauma, financial exploitation, and mental anguish. They are also intimidated, bullied, and suffer degrading treatment at the hands of the unscrupulous and rogue tour and travel operators.

Unfortunately Trading Standards department whose responsibility is to ensure the implementation of UK laws, are not doing enough specifically in the North West areas. The lack of law enforcement is encouraging the unscrupulous and rogue elements to continue with their illegal, fraudulent, and exploitative activities of vulnerable fellow citizens.

Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK, a National Hajj specific charity condemns the violation of human rights and UK legislation and the issue of worsening situation of the exploitation of British Hajj/Umrah Pilgrims.

ABH welcomes the support offered by Sajjad Karim MEP who is also concerned about this extremely serious issue and he is willing to raise this issue in the European Parliament as well.

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