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Another tragic death due to Sars-like Coronavirus sends shockwaves

The tragic death of another person from the same family due to contracting the new Sars-like deadly Coronavirus has sent shockwaves amongst the community.

They are all saddened by this tragedy. The son died last month after contracting this deadly virus from his father who fell ill soon after returning from Saudi Arabia. The father had been critically ill and was fighting for his life in a hospital in Manchester for a number of weeks and last night also passed away.

The Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK a National Hajj/Umrah specific charity has expressed its deep concerns about this tragedy. The present Coronavirus scare once again highlights the desperate need to send constant reminders, specifically to British Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. A vast majority of these are old aged and are suffering from chronic diseases. They are vulnerable due to daunting crowds, physical exertion and high temperatures. Such an environment makes the pilgrims more prone to contracting infectious diseases through close contact with millions of others from around the world.

ABH strongly urges the authorities that they must learn a lesson from the previous meningitis outbreak in UK where over 20 British Hajj pilgrims tragically died. It is extremely vital that the relevant authorities must take the Coronavirus threat seriously as well.

The department of health and local health authority’s response so far towards this scare and tragedy is highly disappointing. No apparent action has been taken to address this issue to ensure the safety and welfare of the overseas travellers and the community.

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