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British Muslims express their deepest sorrow over the tragic death of Umrah Pilgrims

The Association of British Hujjaj (pilgrims) UK (ABH) a National Hajj and Umrah specific welfare organisation expresses deepest sorrow and sadness at the death of Umrah pilgrims in various road accidents as well as a tragic fire incident in a hotel in Madinah recently. These tragedies resulted in the death of about 24 Umrah pilgrims from UK, Oman, Egypt and Pakistan.

“We would like to send our condolence and sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased pilgrims. It is highly regrettable that a substantial number of innocent pilgrims are losing their lives due to circumstances which can be prevented” said Khalid Pervez, General Secretary of the Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK.

ABH strongly stresses that the relevant Government Authorities must take appropriate actions towards the welfare and well-being of the pilgrims, by ensuring their health and safety while the pilgrims from all over the world are performing Umrah pilgrimage.

The journey of over 300 km between Makkah to Madinah takes more than 5 hours. The long distance driving by bus drivers in warm weather and lack of sleep and rest can be lethal and are considered as contributing factors of the tragic road accidents in recent years in which a large number of pilgrims have lost their lives.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia managed to overcome the issue of tragic incidents at stoning site in Mina which is highly commendable and now it is time that they should look into other issues of concern such as road accidents and fire incidents to prevent loss of innocent human lives of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.

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