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British Pilgrims trained to perform a safe pilgrimage at Hajj Conference

The Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK (ABH), a National Hajj/Umrah specific organisation, as part of its ongoing efforts towards the welfare and wellbeing of British Hajj pilgrims, organised the Hajj Conference 2014 in Birmingham, where prospective Hajj/Umrah pilgrims were provided with up-to-date practical advice and training by religious scholars, senior doctors, and safety experts in order to help them perform Hajj/Umrah in a safe and best possible manner.

The religious scholars, while providing training to prospective pilgrims, also strongly urged them to make efforts to learn and become fully aware of every aspect of performing Hajj/Umrah according to the Quran and Sunnah.

The senior doctors from ABH, Dr Rashid Bhatti and Dr Syed Raza Hussain, warned all prospective pilgrims that they must safeguard themselves against the risk of contracting lethal and deadly infectious diseases, such as Meningitis, Coronavirus and Ebola virus. The doctors briefed the prospective pilgrims about the preventive measures and health precautions that they should take to avoid contracting these deadly infectious diseases while they are amongst over 2 million pilgrims who have arrived there from around the world.

British Parliamentarians, Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Shabana Mahmood Member of Parliament, Steve McCabe Member of Parliament, along with Lord Mayor of Birmingham assured their help and support to the prospective pilgrims while addressing them at the conference. They also acknowledged the tireless efforts made by ABH by stating that “significant progress has been made towards facilitating British Hajj/Umrah pilgrims due to the tremendous work of the Association British Hujjaj.”

After a long and tireless campaign by ABH to protect the vulnerable British Hajj/Umrah pilgrims from the exploitation and malpractice of some rogue and unscrupulous tour and travel operators, a Hajj Taskforce was set up, by the government, to address these issues. Members of the Hajj Taskforce, and representatives from the British law enforcement authorities, including police and trading standards department, addressed the participants of the conference and informed them of their rights, and the responsibilities of the tour and travel operators, according to the British legislation.

ABH General Secretary Khalid Pervez advised the prospective pilgrims about the necessary safety precautions they must take to avoid hardship and difficulties during Hajj. He informed them that if they require any assistance during Hajj then they should contact the British FCO Hajj Consular Delegation, which will be in Makkah from 28th Sept – 12th Oct 2014, and will be based at the Makkah Hilton Hotel. He also conveyed the message of best wishes received from the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to the participants of the conference.

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