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Hajj disasters are preventable through mandatory health & safety education and training, Experts warn

The Association of British Hujjaj (pilgrims) UK ABH, a national Hajj/Umrah specific organisation working for the welfare and well-being of pilgrims welcomes the directive issued by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to all the concerned ministries and departments after reviewing a report about the previous year Hajj disaster. They are asked to make every effort to ensure that the next Hajj season should be free of any mishap.

ABH stressed that it is extremely vital that the finding of the previous year Hajj disaster report should be made public so that the factors led to last year Hajj disaster should be known and a lesson should be learned to avoid any future tragic loss of innocent lives.

ABH reiterate that one of the major contributory factors which emerged out of this heart breaking human disaster was ignorance and lack of awareness of health and safety precautions amongst pilgrims. They did not have the understanding of precautionary measures that should have been taken to avoid creating catastrophe.

The safety experts from ABH express their grave concern that vast majority of pilgrims at the Hajj pilgrimage are elderly, sick, disabled and frail people. They are prone to tragic incidents, hardship and difficulties due to lack of awareness and ignorance of health and safety procedures specifically when they are amongst the daunting crowd of up to 3 million people and in a harsh climate. It is highly regrettable that despite the major human disasters which occurred during Hajj pilgrimage in the past years, not enough efforts are being made to address this extremely important issue.

ABH strongly urge all the relevant governments from around the world that health and safety, education and training for their prospective pilgrims should be made mandatory. It should be ensured that prospective pilgrims are well trained and aware of vital life saving preventive measures before leaving for Hajj pilgrimage.

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