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Health experts issue warning to Hajj returnees after Corona virus scare in Spain

Health experts from the Association of British Hujjaj (pilgrims) UK ABH, a national Hajj/Umrah organization working for the welfare and well-being of Hajj/Umrah pilgrims express their grave concern about the news of a recent Hajj returnee in Spain being affected by the deadly Coronavirus.

ABH has been campaigning vigorously since the tragic death of a British Hajj returnee in UK due to Coronavirus in February this year. The son of the victim also contracted the disease from his father and tragically died in the hospital as well.

Health experts once again strongly urge all the returning Hajj pilgrims to beware of their health and take action if they develop a significant acute respiratory illness with fever and cough. They should minimize their contact with their family and friends to keep from infecting them, cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and to not do so in their hands, and discard the tissue safely after use and wash hands afterwards and seek medical assistance without any further delay.

Hajj/Umrah pilgrimage is an ongoing process and millions of pilgrims will start going back to Saudi Arabia in 2 months time for their Umrah pilgrimage. Pilgrims have always been at high risk due to crowded conditions at ceremonies, accommodation sites and on public transport. The lethal infectious disease Coronavirus has emerged this year as a great threat to pilgrims and has been infecting individuals and claiming lives on a regular basis in Saudi Arabia.

British parliamentarian Lord Ahmed of Rotherham has also expressed his concern and strongly urged the health authorities to focus their efforts towards the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization regarding the effective communication of risk information specifically for Hajj/Umrah pilgrims.

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