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Suggestions and Ideas to Improve Arrangements at Harams of Makkah and Madinah

“Please find below a draft about suggestions and proposals to improve the arrangements for pilgrims at Haram of Makkah and Madinah. We will submit these suggestions to General Presidency of Two Holy Mosques’ Affairs, Makkah.

It shall be highly appreciated if you please look into this draft and add your suggestions and ideas. It will inshaAllah be a Sadqa-e-Jariyah for you.”

1) There should be an information center (booth) around the Haram to provide guidance and to provide help to lost pilgrims along with other enquiries. The personnel deployed in the information center should be multilingual, fully trained and should be equipped with computers which carry all relevant data of the Makkah hotels and other residential areas.

2) A map of Haram and surrounding areas including hotels and accommodations should be produced and available to all pilgrims easily. This will protect them from getting lost and make their movements stress-free.

3) There is desperate need to control the present chaos at the Hajr-e-Aswad. Security personnel should be deployed there to control the pushing and there should be a queue to kiss the Hajr-e-Aswad, as is normally done before Asr prayer.

4) Pilgrims must avoid using telephones/cameras in the mutaaf area to make videos and photographs. Phone must be switched off or on silent to ensure the sanctity of the House of Allah (SWT). The music from ringing telephones also distracts the people praying.

5) After end of each prayer, atleast for 10 minutes people should not be allowed to get in to avoid bottleneck situations at the exit gates which can cause serious hazards, specifically to weak, sick and elderly pilgrims. Let the people from inside Haram get out first to ease the flow at the exit gates and then people from outside should be allowed to get in. We can get help by flashing red lights outside each gate, during the time when people are exiting, to advise people outside to wait. When the green light shows, they can proceed to enter the Haram.

6) When the security cameras identify “hotspots” in mutaaf and in the Haram, red lights must start flashing straight away to stop people from getting into the haram, specifically during Ramadan and Hajj period.

Men and women can be separated in the mutaaf area and mingling can be prevented during peak hours by dividing the Mutaaf area into two circles and security personnel can be deployed in partitioning using the yellow tape which is normally used during the washing of the mutaaf area. One circle area can be assigned to women and one for men.

7) There should be more designated ladies prayer areas with separate gate to get in and get out.

8) Whenever the security cameras spot overcrowding in the Mutaaf area, a control system must get into action to prevent more people from getting into the Mutaaf area.

9) Clear guidelines should be set up and Directive must be issued to all countries by the Saudi government making it the responsibility of all relevant countries to educate their pilgrims about health and safety / crowd control issues while the pilgrims are in the Haram, specifically in the rush hour. For example, they must avoid blocking pathway entrance and exits during the peak hours which can be detrimental to all the pilgrims. In case of an emergency, it’s not possible to evacuate people due to the blockage of the exits. All this is necessary to ensure safety and wellbeing and a safe environment for the pilgrims to perform their religious duties in peace and comfort.

10) The security personal performing their duties in Harams MUST be multi-lingual and preferably from the youngsters and also representing both genders, consequently they can provide adequate information to the pilgrims. A specifically designed excellent performance refresher courses need to be arranged for them so they are well informed with regards to their noble responsibilities providing humble services, not hurting the dignity and honour of the pilgrims.

11) Multiple dimension big screens should be displayed in various areas of the City Centres of both Holy Cites (Makkah Al Mukarramah and Madinah Al Munawarah) to facilitate and encourage the pilgrims to entre the premises of Haram form those gates where comparatively the access is more easy as compare to other gates.

12) A tramway, or richkshaw type vehicles to transport old people up and down the hills right next to the Haram near Safa and Marwa. There’s only wheelchair volunteers doing the job currently which is slow.

13) Software/application should be developed which Hajjis can install on their phones for them to know the right way and the right place. For example, a hajj navigation system.

14) Timings for ladies to visit Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s Rawda should be extended in Madina al Munawarah.

Please send your ideas and suggestions to abh12@btconnect.com Thank you!

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