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Women’s Hajj and Umrah

The rules for performing of Hajj and Umra are the same for men and women.

Like men, women are also required to take bath before entering into ihram even though if she is in the state of menstruating or nifaas. She can complete all the Hajj and Umra rituals except tawaf-e-ka’aba.

There is no specific ihram for women like men. Women can use their routinely dress as their ihram.

Women can not cover their face or wear gloves in the state of ihram.

After performing saie for Umrah, like men women should not cut more then 1 inch of hair.

Women are allowed to use pills which prevent or delay the menstruation during Hajj. Please seek advice from your doctor well before you leave for Hajj/ Umra.

After arriving at Makkah if menstrual period starts before performing Umra then you should wait until it is over. According to scholars, while menstruating, the woman is not allowed to make tawaf, which is a rukn or pillar of Umrah without which Umrah is not valid. Therefore you should wait until you are free from menses and have purified yourself and then you can make Umrah.

If you get your period after making tawaf-e-ka’aba then you are allowed to perform saie because unlike tawaf, purity is not a condition for saie. It is allowed for a menstruating woman to stay in the place of saie between safa and marwah because this area is not part of Masjid al Haram.

If the period starts while you are performing Hajj, you can perform all the acts of Hajj except tawaf-e-ka’aba which you have to do after you get purity form your menstruation. You can go to Arafah, you can stone the jamaraat, you can do saie between safa and marwah, and you can make takbir, tasbeeh, dhikr and dua.

If you can not wait until you attain purity and have to leave Makkah immediately after the Hajj in these special circumstances behind your control you are allowed to make tawaf-ul-ifaada which is a compulsory part of Hajj. If you leave without tawaf-ul-ifaada then you will still be in ihram, which means you can not have husband and wife relationship until you return to Makkah and perform the tawaf-ul-ifaada. However a menstruating woman is allowed to leave Makkah without performing tawaf-e-wadaa.

It is strictly forbidden for husband and wife to engage in sexual relationship while in state of ihram. Like men women should not chant talbiyah loudly and women should not jog during tawaf or saie.

Life can be extremely difficult for a woman without company of a male relative (mahram) particularly during the Hajj while she is amongst crowd of over 2 million people. Therefore you are strongly urged not to travel to perform Hajj/ Umra without the company of your mahram i.e. your husband, father, brother, son etc. Saudi Arabian embassy will not issue Hajj/Umra visa for women without a mahram.

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